Re: [SVG 1.2 draft]: 17.3 Media Interfaces - getPixel()

On Thursday, July 15, 2004, 5:52:24 PM, Robin wrote:

RB> Chris Lilley wrote:
>> On Thursday, July 15, 2004, 2:25:27 PM, Robin wrote:
>> RB> It returns an SVGColor object. As far as I can tell, that points to a
>> RB> css::RGBColor which in turn does not support the alpha value. I might
>> RB> have missed something, but if not I would call that a bug.
>> In addition to adding opacity (ideally by fractional geometric coverage)
>> don't we need to say what the sampling method is? Otherwise its trivial
>> to produce content that will give wildly different results.

RB> You're Mr.Colour so I might be missing something

no - I was. Yes, this is about images, not about the svg canvas itself.
Forget I spoke.

RB>  but currently getPixel
RB> () is defined to work on "binary (pixel-based) images only" (a 
RB> definition which could be improved by dropping the "binary", just in
RB> case someone adds XPM support) and therefore the x and y are pixels in
RB> the image's intrinsic pixel-based coordinate system. I believe that the
RB> motivation for that was that anything else was deemed Too Complex For
RB> 1.2(r).


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