RE: AMPLIFICATION: RE: consideration for SVG 1.2

Hi, James-

Sorry, I didn't realize that you weren't talking about SVG-Full. 

Huh, it does seem strange that external references are forbidden in Mobile
profiles... can someone in the WG address whether they are they explicitly
disallowed for UAs, or only not required? If disallowed, is this due to lack
of access to other resources, or due to the computational difficulty of
referencing those resources? If there's not a compelling reason otherwise, I
agree with James.

It seems to me that it wouldn't be too onerous to make static reference to
other documents, but I've never implemented a viewer. Can someone clear up a
point for me here? I know that for internal references, if you change the
referenced text with script, the tref also changes. Is this also the case
with external references, or are the references considered static after the
initial reference? If it does change, how does this function? Must the
referencing document monitor DOM events in the other document? What if the
referenced document is not an SVG document, but is RDF or other XML?


James Bentley wrote:
| Sorry for my confusion.  Where I saw the limitation was in 
| the mobile spec - to which we are implementing
| "References and the 'defs' Element
| For SVGT, all referenced objects, except on the 'image' and 
| 'a' elements, must be internal (using the 'data:' URL scheme, 
| and base64 encoding). SVGB does not put extra limitations on 
| external references as defined by SVG 1.1."
| I would suppose that removing this limitation from SVG Tiny 
| would be what I'm after.
| Thanks.
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| James Bentley wrote:
| > Please consider allowing 'tref' elements to reference 
| 'switch' elements.
| Our
| > current product has a need to provide conditional text based on 
| > resources available on the platform (i.e. 
| > 'externalResourcesRequired'). In this manner, we can support our 
| > conditional text insertion, and inherit the proper styling.
| In SVG 1.1 tref can reference *any* element, and its full 
| textual content will be used (without the markup). I assume 
| that what you want is for switch to do its conditional 
| processing before tref does its inclusion, otherwise you get 
| all of switch's content, right?
| The problem I see with this is that you if you take into 
| account switch you might as well take into account display, 
| or foreignObject, or a variety of other things (which'll 
| break backcompat) -- special-casing for switch feels a bit 
| wrong. Also, the functionality needed for tref to extract the 
| text is already needed by DOM's textContent attribute, so 
| it's reusing existing code.
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| Robin Berjon
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