AMPLIFICATION: RE: consideration for SVG 1.2

Sorry for my confusion.  Where I saw the limitation was in the
mobile spec - to which we are implementing

"References and the 'defs' Element 
For SVGT, all referenced objects, except on the 'image' and 'a' elements,
must be internal (using the 'data:' URL scheme, and base64 encoding). SVGB
does not put extra limitations on external references as defined by SVG

I would suppose that removing this limitation from SVG Tiny would be what
I'm after.

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James Bentley wrote:
> Please consider allowing 'tref' elements to reference 'switch' elements.
> current product has a need to provide conditional text based on resources
> available on the platform (i.e. 'externalResourcesRequired'). In this
> manner,
> we can support our conditional text insertion, and inherit the proper
> styling.

In SVG 1.1 tref can reference *any* element, and its full textual 
content will be used (without the markup). I assume that what you want 
is for switch to do its conditional processing before tref does its 
inclusion, otherwise you get all of switch's content, right?

The problem I see with this is that you if you take into account switch 
you might as well take into account display, or foreignObject, or a 
variety of other things (which'll break backcompat) -- special-casing 
for switch feels a bit wrong. Also, the functionality needed for tref to 
extract the text is already needed by DOM's textContent attribute, so 
it's reusing existing code.

Robin Berjon

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