Re: [SVG 1.2] Other notes.

"Robin Berjon" <> wrote in message

> > 16.2 Copyright info
> I love the ways in which you manage to be brilliantly silly ;)

oohh, first time I've heard that word used in a sentance describing me...

> SVG user
> agents need not support that copyright information, the simple fact of
> stating it is legally binding for whom may want to copy content, which
> is why it's recommended to use it (as some people seem to require that).

Sure, but we can already include that metadata in current SVG, and a
copyright element seems useful, but suggesting RDF is just too much effort,
why not just:

<copyright>  Some message to be displayed when viewing source...

Is much simpler to implement and achieves the same as the RDF, we can still
encourage authors to include the RDF version, but...


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