Non well-formed examples


After a quick scan through the SVG1.2 specification, I've noticed a couple
of small typos in the examples for the transformer and param elements:

In both examples, the "elementDef" elements aren't closed properly - the
'/' characters are missing from the end elements.
Also in these examples, neither the foo prefix nor the namespace it is
defined to are in scope when you are using them after the "extensionDefs"

I also have a quick question about one of the examples for

When you are showing how the page-orientation property is translated when
the pages are viewed, the second SVG with the fake top-level transform
(representing the page-orientation="90") still has the text "This is
portrait". Shouldn't this show "This is landscape" as in the real example,
or have I missed what the page-orientation property is trying to do?

Richard Jinks

Received on Thursday, 13 November 2003 12:20:50 UTC