Question about multiple pages


After reading the section on Multiple pages, the only method I can find to
specify which page is current is by modifying the currentPage attribute in
the SVGSVGElement interface. Am I correct in my understanding that this
does not imply that there is going to be a real currentPage property on
the svg root element?

If this is the case, please can you add such a property?

Currently, the Multiple Pages section does not define which page in the
pageSet should be current when the SVG document is first loaded. Providing
such a property will not only fill this gap, it will provide a method for
a user to change the first current page through an XSLT transform, for
example, in a much easier manner than reordering the page elements.

A currentPage property will also allow SVG implementations that do not
provide access to the DOM or allow scripting, or expose any of the
interfaces to control which page is active.

Richard Jinks

Received on Thursday, 13 November 2003 13:36:19 UTC