Re: Non well-formed examples

On Thu 2003-11-13 Richard Jinks wrote:
> After a quick scan through the SVG1.2 specification, I've noticed a couple
> of small typos in the examples for the transformer and param elements:
> In both examples, the "elementDef" elements aren't closed properly - the
> '/' characters are missing from the end elements.
> Also in these examples, neither the foo prefix nor the namespace it is
> defined to are in scope when you are using them after the "extensionDefs"
> element.

Also in line 33
  <circle stroke="none" fill="{$lightcolor"}
is not well-formed and should probably be
  <circle stroke="none" fill="{$lightcolor}"

line 11:
  <xsl:param name="lightcolor">
  <xsl:param name="lightcolor"/>

Perhaps it would make sense to automatically run each example through
a validator when compiling the spec?


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Received on Wednesday, 19 November 2003 05:52:21 UTC