Re: has the SVG 1.0 DTD been edited? (xmlns:xlink on element svg)


> See
> Chapters 1.3 and 5.1.2 seems to refer to this.

Thanks for the pointers.

> The errata page was updated on 15th November, the same day as the DTD 
> which you referenced was, so it appears, last modified.
> The DTD you were using refers to the updateable/correctable version of 
> the DTD, not the version issued in September 2001.

I listed both
and both seem to have been changed.

   'Section 1.3

   In section 1.3, the SVG 1.0 specification says the system identifier
   for SVG 1.0 documents is:

   This is the same as:

has not been changed. (Perhaps that's what you meant.)

The other section you are referring to answers all my questions:

   'The 'includes errata' DTD on the W3C site has also been updated to
   include the above fragment:

   In consequence, content which is transitioned from the earlier Working
   Drafts and Candidate Recommendation DTDs will continue to validate
   correctly. Local copies of the svg10.dtd should be updated to reflect
   this change.

   In addition, for historical record, a copy of the DTD incorporating
   this errata has been placed at the dated location:


It seems as if

1. the DTD(s) found at these URLs have not been changed
(or are the same as the original DTD):

... and
2. those have been changed/fixed:




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