getScreenCTM (again)


I don't mean to be pushy, but I need an answer to this question.. So if you
know the answer, but didn't understand the question :) .. Do I need to make
the question clearer?


 When calling getScreenCTM on an svg element, will it take into account any
 transformation done on the children of that svg element due to viewBox?

 I'm asking, because a viewBox attribute doesn't transform the svg element
 itself (i.e the x,y,width/height of the svg element) only the children.



Wouldn't it be more useful if getBBox returned the bounding box BEFORE any
transform, since you can always apply that afterwards to the BBox, but you
can't unapply it. (or am I missing something?)

Sigurd Lerstad

Received on Friday, 31 January 2003 07:26:33 UTC