Additional filter elements

We're considering using SVG as the file format for a image compositing 
application. Many of the necessary functionality is already there in 
SVG. But SVG is missing the ability to describe other image processing 
functions such as a median filter, more specific blur filters, image 
rendering hints other than 'optimizeSpeed', and 'optimizeQuality', and 
other core image processing functions (think of the functionality of 
PhotoShop that might be described in a language such as SVG).

Is SVG a good candidate file format for image compositing? Would these 
types of extensions be best implemented as 'foreignObject' elements, as 
extensions to SVG itself (feMedian element, for example), or as 
something else? Or is there a good reason SVG shouldn't be taken in 
this direction? Or perhaps there is another standard out there doing a 
similar thing for imaging operations...

Any comments, suggestions, or help would be appreciated.

Received on Friday, 31 January 2003 01:42:49 UTC