Re: Feedback on SVG 1.2

"Benoit Bezaire" <> wrote in message

> Also, when you say "user agent renders as native controls", do
>you expect to have SVG markup (<rect>, <text> ...) that defines
>how the control looks (i.e will looks the same in all viewers) or
>do you mean that it is up to the user agent to decide how it
>looks (i.e. probably doesn't look the same in all viewers)?

The only situation I would want SVG WG to define UA controls would be in
situations where they are OS/Window manager native ones, since the biggest
problem I have with web-applications, is having to define my own behaviour
which may differ to what the user is used to.

In a related way Mozilla has defined its own behaviour so it is different to
every other application I use, this makes it almost completely unusable to
me, and the same is likely to happen with SVG Applications, without access
to native widgets, however native widgets generally won't fit in the look of
your SVG app. so people won't want to use them.


Received on Thursday, 7 August 2003 16:29:08 UTC