Re: Grid layouts and zIndex

>>Not really reconsider the following example again! =)
>You don't seem to have addressed the issue I mentioned though.  And that
>is that because you are forced to list the elements of the table from
>left to right then top to bottom, that's the rendering order you will
>have to use.

>Thus to control the order of which table cells get rendered, there would
>have to be some rule other than 
> >render-in-order-they-appear-in-the-document.

I think you never used <defs></defs> tag before did you?
The point of <defs> and <g> is to predeclare such figure
so that the printing order is not rendered as it is described,
i.e. from top to bottom in terms of XML code
it's pre-rendered in any order, then you can display it
using the <use> command.

So, if you are faced with such situation, you simply
make sure that you render the object before inside the <defs>
tag part, then you render your table again inside the <defs> tag
and then you render it in any way you want, it the normal area
under <svg>...</svg> parent instead of <svg><defs>...</defs></svg>

That's why I'm saying XHTML table are okay for SVG,
it's just that some people don't like it and feel
that it was simply abused by HTML programmer for layout purposes,
which as far as I'm concern there is nothing wrong with that.



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Received on Thursday, 24 April 2003 21:27:21 UTC