Re: Grid layouts and zIndex

Hi Fred.

Fred P.:
> I think you never used <defs></defs> tag before did you?
> The point of <defs> and <g> is to predeclare such figure
> so that the printing order is not rendered as it is described,
> i.e. from top to bottom in terms of XML code
> it's pre-rendered in any order, then you can display it
> using the <use> command.
> So, if you are faced with such situation, you simply
> make sure that you render the object before inside the <defs>
> tag part, then you render your table again inside the <defs> tag
> and then you render it in any way you want, it the normal area
> under <svg>...</svg> parent instead of <svg><defs>...</defs></svg>

Can you give me a concrete example of how this would work, to avoid the
problem of not being able to have an object rendered between two grid
cells' objects?

> That's why I'm saying XHTML table are okay for SVG,
> it's just that some people don't like it and feel
> that it was simply abused by HTML programmer for layout purposes,
> which as far as I'm concern there is nothing wrong with that.

Well there is that too. ;-)  But you could always rename the element
"grid" to get around that problem.



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