Re: [SVG] Experiment and proposal

Fred P. wrote:
>>> Table have been used since years to layout text,
>>> why shall that change?
>> Because it's been shown to be extremely inefficient, and has particular
>> accessibility issues, making it inappropriate for web use.
> Inappropriate for web use let me laught.
> Tell me a single non-trivial non-stupid non-completely-flash
> web page where <table> are not used anywhere for transparent text layout.

The new ESPN web site ( interview at )
Wired News (interview at )
Cingular Wireless
Fast Company

That's more than one.  These are all sites that use a grid layout, but 
don't have to use tables to achieve this.  With proper support of css2 & 
3, the need for tables to layout a page is significantly reduced. 
Ideally tables are only to be used for tabular data, i.e. information 
with a 2-dimensional correlation, though there are still some designs 
that are not possible without tables given current css support in major 
browsers. (3 column, one column with full image vertical coverage 
matching variable page height, with a horiziontal gradient, for example, 
css3 background properties such as background-size will resolve cases 
like this).

Dylan Schiemann

Received on Wednesday, 23 April 2003 13:07:39 UTC