Re: Grid layouts and zIndex.

>>Tell me now where is the problem
>>with your grid, painting layers
>>or 3D grid thing?

>I think the problem with this method is that you are required to mention
>the objects in the grid or table in a row-major, column-minor order,
>which would force you to have this rendering order.  If you wanted, say, a 
>3x3 arrangement of objects, layed out >automatically with this 
>grid-mechanism, but you wanted another object to appear over the centre 
>object, but behind the outer objects, you wouldn't be able to.

>Similar situations where this happens already exist -- for
>example if you have a <g/> which you'll <use/> later on, and you want an 
>object to appear somewhere in the middle of it (on the Z axis).  In this 
>case though you could decompose the used <g/> and do it manually with
>the new object inserted in the middle.  But with the grid layout that
>won't work; you can't decompose the grid because the grid needs to be
>all together for it to determine the appropriate {x,y,width,height}s >for 
>the grid elements.

Not really reconsider the following example again! =)

<svg height='1000' width='1000'>

Create a big FLEX table with flexible row/cols
inside a <g> tag such using other <g> tags
such that we can move the table around and duplicate it!
and then superpose other stuff on top of the table!

<g id='big_flex_table'>

<!-- NOTICE: NO X, NO Y on use -->
<use xlink:href='#object'/>

<!-- NOTICE: NO X, NO Y on rect -->
<rect style='fill:#101212' width='10' height='10'/>

<!-- NOTICE: NO X, NO Y on g -->
<g id='b'>
<!-- NOTICE: Have X,Y on use
     so we can offset it from the grid a bit  -->
<use xlink:href='#object' x='4' y='6' />



<g id='object'>
<rect style='fill:#00FF00' x='1' y='1' width='10' height='10'/>

<use xlink:href='#big_flex_table' x='10' y='10' />
<use xlink:href='#big_flex_table' x='100' y='100' />
<rect style='fill:#FF0000' x='20' y='10' width='100' height='100'/>


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Received on Wednesday, 23 April 2003 20:04:54 UTC