RE: getScreenCTM (third time)

Hi Sigurd,

>>>>> "SL" == Sigurd Lerstad <> writes:

SL> I need an answer to this question, I've already asked it twice and
SL> haven't got any answer.

SL> It can probably be derived from the spec, but I can't see it and I
SL> want to make sure I'm implementing things the right way.

    In general I think you will get a better response if you do a
better job of explaining why you are asking the question (referencing
sections of the specification and explaining why you think there is

    Without explaining why you think the specification is unclear it
is often hard to know how to respond.

SL> Is SVGLocatable::getScreenCTM affected by the outer SVG elements
SL> currentTranslate and currentScale?

   Since currentTranslate/currentScale effect the mapping from any
element in the docuement to the user agent's notion of 'pixel', it
seems pretty clear from the definition of the method that they must be
accounted for in getScreenCTM.

SL> And also,

SL> are currentTranslate and currentScale only applicable to the outer
SL> svg element and ignored on inner svg elements?

   As to currentScale/currentTranslate - they are currently only
applicable to the outer SVG element and ignored on inner svg elements.
See Sections 5.17, 16.2 (SVGZoom event), and 16.7.

   It is possible that currentScale/Translate will be expanded to all
SVG elements in the future, but currently the specification clearly
limits them to just the outermost SVG element.

SL> thanks

SL> -- Sigurd Lerstad

Received on Wednesday, 23 April 2003 08:07:03 UTC