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> sv> Why am I not getting scrollbars
> Because that is not the only scrolling mechanism. 


Which other scrolling mechanisms are provided?

Panning is not scrolling.

You can still > scroll, and furthermore you can scroll in any direction you 
> want
> without trying to manipulate two scrollbars at once, like an
> etch-a-sketch.
> However, enough people have either complained about this, or been
> confused by it, or limited their solution to html plugins only solely
> to get scriollbars, that some sort of styling control over the panning
> method seems desirable. Thoughts?



Quite straightforward in my view - SVG should provide scroll bars for use 
where it is desired / appropriate. Omitting them was a major faux pas in my 

The omission of automatic scroll bars in a desktop environment removes, 
wholly unnecessarily, a useful and powerful navigation metaphor in standalone 
SVG. If, as I understand it, some users wish not to have scroll bars (I don't 
recall having heard a convincing argument for that position) then by all 
means provide a switch to turn them off.

Please, please, please fix this omission!

Andrew Watt

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