Re: [svg-developers] scrollbars in SVG

On Friday, April 11, 2003, 10:28:15 AM, AndrewWatt2001 wrote:

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>> sv> Why am I not getting scrollbars
>> Because that is not the only scrolling mechanism. 

Aac> Chris,

Aac> Which other scrolling mechanisms are provided?

Provided and possible are different things.

Aac> Panning is not scrolling.

No, but the converse is true. Scrolling is one way of panning.

Aac> Quite straightforward in my view - SVG should provide scroll bars
Aac> for use where it is desired / appropriate. Omitting them was a
Aac> major faux pas in my view.

Aac> The omission of automatic scroll bars in a desktop environment
Aac> removes, wholly unnecessarily, a useful and powerful navigation
Aac> metaphor in standalone SVG. If, as I understand it, some users
Aac> wish not to have scroll bars (I don't recall having heard a
Aac> convincing argument for that position) then by all means provide
Aac> a switch to turn them off.

Having seen implementations (not necessarily of SVG, but for example
CGM) that *always* put up scrollbars and thus, are totally unsuitable
for many uses of graphics, I think that not forcing them was the right

But it seems clear that people want control over the presentation.


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