z in d attribute of path element

Spec says: http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG/paths.html#PathDataClosePathCommand
<quote>The "closepath" (Z or z) ends the current subpath and causes an
automatic straight line to be drawn from the current point to the initial
point of the current subpath.</quote>

given a path such as 
<path d = "M6 9876 c14,7 50,14 104,15 54,2 98,-10 107,-14 14,-11 10,-63
55,-94 45,-31 78,-54 90,-94 11,-39 -36,-66 -59,-51 -24,15 -33,26 -42,37 0,0
14,-66 0,-65 -20,2 -88,8 -158,8 -69,0 -114,-4 -138,-7 -17,11 -1,95 12,161
20,93 10,97 29,104z  *****

m246 -122c0,-12 9,-25 18,-39 10,-16 14,-31 36,-42 23,-11 36,12 4,43 -32,30
-47,39 -58,38z"/>

What's the definition of the 'initial point of the current subpath'? when
the z occurs at the starred point?

Is it the 6,9876 point? or some point further on in the sequence please?

TIA, regards DaveP

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