eSVG package V1.1 is released

Hello All,

The is updated with eSVG package V1.1.

eSVG package V1.1. main news are (all is documented and included inside
evaluation package):

1) JS eSVG ActiveX control for Pocket PC (and other Windows CE platforms),
for simple eSVG integration to Windows CE applications
- this control uses eSVG Engine V1.1

2) Visual C++ JS eSVG application example which uses eSVG Engine V1.1

3) Visual Basic JS eSVG application example which uses JS eSVG ActiveX

4) JS eSVG IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which provides rapid and
comfortable development of eSVG applications containing booth SVG and ECMA
JavaScript files

JS eSVG IDE has the following basic properties:
- Remote handling of target device SVG and JavaScript files; includes remote
file browsing, upload and download, but also remote activation, restarting
and deactivation of eSVG applications
- eSVG syntax and application oriented file editing and printing
- Remote debugging of target device eSVG applications; includes parallel
script tracing, tracing step logging, task (script) manager, variable watch,
call stack, breakpoint manager, etc.
- Interactive help assistance

5) eSVG Engine V1.1. is the functional core of all target device eSVG
applications and controls
eSVG Engine V1.1. has the following basic properties:

- Multithreaded preemptive script execution
- Clear and simple OS and application shell interface
- Touch/Mouse and Keyboard event processor for script activation
- Interactive debugging support
- External data exchange between eSVG and shell application
- Scripts dynamically access SVG elements via standard SVG DOM 2 API

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