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[Sorry for the delayed response, but better late than never???]

I am not aware of a way to accomplish this except using some technique such 
as you describe below.

Now I'm going to ramble on about futures.

Support of the various 'background*' properties from CSS seems like 
something to consider for a future version of SVG. There are some 
complexities that would have to be looked at. For left-to-right text, yes, 
you can see pretty clearly how the background properties might apply. 
Similar, you could see how the background properties might apply to the 
outermost <svg> element (although there is an issue about whether the 
background would cover the entire viewport or only the area taken up by the 
'svg' element). For other features, things get a little more complicated. 
For text-on-a-path, do you put a background behind each character cell, or 
do you find the bounding box around all character cells within the text 
string? How about a <g> - do you compute the bounding box of all elements 
within the <g>?

I'll forward this to the SVG working group so that it will get on the list 
for consideration for future versions of SVG.

Jon Ferraiolo
SVG Editor
Adobe Systems Incorporated

At 10:21 AM 11/1/00 -0500, Dany Bouchard wrote:
>Is there any way within the SVG spec to have a <text> element with a 
>background like specified in CSS-2 (example: A {
>BACKGROUND: #ffa}. From what I can see the only way to do this is to 
>create a rectangle below the <text> element.
>Thanks in advance !
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