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[Tobi, sorry for the delayed response.]

I agree with Tobi's sentiments. Most of the things he is requesting 
represent no fundamental architectural additions. They are just bells and 
whistles on the existing model. These things should be looked at for SVG2, 
as it is too late for SVG1.

Note that some of the features Tobi is requesting are already available in 
the SVG DOM, which already has some animation-related method calls on the 
SVGSVGElement, such as pauseAnimations().


At 04:11 PM 11/28/00 -0800, Tobias Reif wrote:
>Thank you very much for your reply.
>Jon, Chris, what are your opinions about that?
>Message goes on below ...
>[...] constraint
> > as you note, for reasons of simplicity in the model.
>[multiple animation-targets]
> > Nevertheless, I have run across this as well, and
> > think it is worth
> > considering in a future version of SMIL Animation.
>Sounds great!
> > This would be achieved by controlling (i.e. pausing
> > and resuming) the time
> > container for the associated animations. In SVG,
> > there are no specified time
> > containers as in other SMIL languages.
>would be cool though ...
>[...]- when paused, the effect of the animation is
> > removed. You can work
> > around this by just animating the speed to a very
> > small value (yes, a hack,
> > but workable). I can provide some pointers if you
> > are interested.
>Thank you very much!
>To be honest ... I'd rather go with an elegant
>non-hack solution: just "pause" with fill="freeze" or
> >>
>"While this document defines a base set of animation
>capabilities, it is assumed that host languages may
>build upon the support to define additional or
>more specialized animation elements. "
> > Not sure what your point is here.
>IMHO, the current state of animation in SVG is
>unsufficient. It is far from getting complicated; with
>the mentioned features, it will still be simple.
>The below mentioned and some more in my opinion
>represent a minimum of basic requirements for
>*support full Xpointer/Xpath,
>*pause, resume/play, go to start,
>*short notation to control all ongoing
>animations at once: "pause" "play"  "resume"; "reset";
>"slomo forward"; "fast forward"; "slomo backward";
>"play backwards"; "fast backward"
>illustration and tests:
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