Re: SVG - A thought

Vadim Plessky wrote:

> I know. And it seems they [Adobe] also progressed not too far

but very far ;)

> - some key 
> parts of the puzzle are still missing.

I'd say ~ 10% is missing only.

> Certanly, Adobe can't do everything. I still wonder why they try to expand to 
> some not-clear-yet markets.

??? What's unclear about a vector graphics market, an open XML based 
format, authoring tools, a viewer, demos that clearly show the 
usefulness of all this etc.

> Their key product is Photoshop, and they should 
> focus on key products in order to protect their market share, especially in 
> current economic conditions.

hmmm. Do they not support Photoshop enough?

> And it should support sound, too (which is not supported by Adobe plugin at a 
> moment)

But it is.

> IIRC someone of KSVG developers suggested that KSVG should support sound via 
> ARTS - than everything will work very smooth and sound will be of very high 
> quality.

What's KSVG and ARTS? URLs? ? ?


Tobias Reif


Received on Wednesday, 19 December 2001 18:25:50 UTC