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On Wednesday 19 December 2001 22:29, Max Dunn wrote:
|   I specifically said PC, not PDA - maybe I should have said "smaller than
|   PC" instead of "tiny".  A scaled back spec definitely has its uses.  I
|   just think on PCs (running any OS) there should be support for the full
|   SVG spec, ideally such that you can mix namespaces and have the SVG
|   interact with XHTML with a minimum of proprietary techniques.

It would be nice to see this implemented in IE (not in form of plugin)

As about PDA - I think SVG for PDAs is even more important than for PCs.
Think of GPS, cartography, etc.

|   I appreciate the cross-platform efforts that Adobe has made, but they
|   certainly can't do everything.  The Adobe Linux/Solaris releases were
|   not production releases.  There is also Batik and Croczilla that can

I know. And it seems they [Adobe] also progressed not too far - some key 
parts of the puzzle are still missing.
Certanly, Adobe can't do everything. I still wonder why they try to expand to 
some not-clear-yet markets. Their key product is Photoshop, and they should 
focus on key products in order to protect their market share, especially in 
current economic conditions.

|   browse SVG on Linux, for example, though Batik still lacks the dynamic
|   functionality (they made their own pretty effective scaled-back spec in
|   setting goals for their 1.0 release), and Croczilla is not very far
|   along.  Who knows what tool will be best to browse SVG on Linux?
|   Whatever ends up filling this need I think it should support the full
|   spec.

Agree here.
And it should support sound, too (which is not supported by Adobe plugin at a 
IIRC someone of KSVG developers suggested that KSVG should support sound via 
ARTS - than everything will work very smooth and sound will be of very high 
|   Max


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