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I specifically said PC, not PDA - maybe I should have said "smaller than
PC" instead of "tiny".  A scaled back spec definitely has its uses.  I
just think on PCs (running any OS) there should be support for the full
SVG spec, ideally such that you can mix namespaces and have the SVG
interact with XHTML with a minimum of proprietary techniques.

I appreciate the cross-platform efforts that Adobe has made, but they
certainly can't do everything.  The Adobe Linux/Solaris releases were
not production releases.  There is also Batik and Croczilla that can
browse SVG on Linux, for example, though Batik still lacks the dynamic
functionality (they made their own pretty effective scaled-back spec in
setting goals for their 1.0 release), and Croczilla is not very far
along.  Who knows what tool will be best to browse SVG on Linux?
Whatever ends up filling this need I think it should support the full


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On Wednesday 19 December 2001 08:58, Max Dunn wrote:
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|   I think for tiny devices a scaled back spec makes sense, but
compared to
|   the size of typical browsers and operating systems of Today there is
|   nothing bloated about Adobe's SVG Viewer on a PC.

Here you are wrong.
Of course you can't make WinXP or Win98 more bloated by adding *just
But this size matters for Linux, and especillay for PDAs.
How you will put extra 11MB, say, on Compaq iPAQ?

|   Rather than put a crippled form of SVG in web browsers, perhaps
|   should put a rudimentary XHTML browser/XSLT Processor into their SVG
|   Viewer.

Or make their SVG plugin open-sourced - than people with good coding 
knowledge will strip all fat from that plugin. :-))

Note that there are people who run Linux (or other OSes) on PowerPC,
and other platforms, I know some people run KDE on IBM zSeries servers 
(previously known as mainframes)
Adobe just can't catch up on all those platforms. And there is no SVG
from Adobe for those platforms.

Abyway, about putting a rudimentary XHTML browser/XSLT Processor into
Viewer - this will not help in case of Adobe.
I tested Adobe plugin for Linux with Mozilla 0.9.5. Mozilla is bloated
itselkd, takesa around 20 sec. to load here. And .. SVG plugin takes
15 sec. to display page.
Yes, you can get rid of Mozilla, it will save you 20 sec. But 15 sec.
startup is still enermous!..

|   Max


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