createRGBColor() problem.

I was examing the 'createRGBColor' factory method that exists in the
SVGColor and SVGSVGElement interfaces and I noticed a technicallity that
may require a few changes to SVGColor, in order to correct.  Since the
RGBColor interface contains three CSSPrimitiveValues (red, green and
blue).  This factory method is an implicity factory method for
CSSPrimitiveValue objects, however CSSPrimitiveValues can only occur in
the context of a CSS Property. The simplest fix that I can think of is to
remove the factory method from the two interfaces and modify the
'setRGBColor' method to take in a DOMString  and change the
'setRGBColorICCColor' method to either take in a DOMString and a
SVGICCColor or take in 2 DOMStrings.  

Received on Friday, 1 September 2000 18:01:01 UTC