Re: Valid but Semantically Incorrect

Though this thread is from 11/99, I have some additional comments and questions that perhaps Jon (or anyone else, of course) can comment on:

1. I am disappointed that attributes such as transform only take strings, and that something like transform="fe, fi, fo" would not be caught by a validator (it is just ignored by the Adobe plugin, no error message or anything). I'm wondering if you can shed some light as to why some attributes are not specified better.  For example, transform="translate(1,2)" could be broken up into: translateX="1", translateY="2".
2. Is there an accepted (I know, this is a charged word) version of the SVG schema in W3C XML Schema, or at least some efforts by some reputable groups (like Adobe ;-) ) that someone can point me to?

thanks in advance, Chuck
Chuck Han, Data Architect
Autodesk, Inc.

Received on Friday, 1 September 2000 12:04:19 UTC