Re: createRGBColor() problem.

Thanks for the report. I'll bring this up for discussion in the SVG working 

Jon Ferraiolo
SVG Editor
Adobe Systems Incorporated

At 03:00 PM 9/1/00 -0700, Blaine Brodie wrote:
>I was examing the 'createRGBColor' factory method that exists in the
>SVGColor and SVGSVGElement interfaces and I noticed a technicallity that
>may require a few changes to SVGColor, in order to correct.  Since the
>RGBColor interface contains three CSSPrimitiveValues (red, green and
>blue).  This factory method is an implicity factory method for
>CSSPrimitiveValue objects, however CSSPrimitiveValues can only occur in
>the context of a CSS Property. The simplest fix that I can think of is to
>remove the factory method from the two interfaces and modify the
>'setRGBColor' method to take in a DOMString  and change the
>'setRGBColorICCColor' method to either take in a DOMString and a
>SVGICCColor or take in 2 DOMStrings.

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