Re: Storing data related to SVG elements

This sounds like metadata to me.

Check out the Metadata chapter in the spec for some initial guidelines. This
chapter is very sketchy. The SVG working group will be publishing a meatier
document later this year which provides more detailed guidelines for using
metadata in conjunction with SVG, but unfortunately the document is not
available at this time.

The key concept is to just define an XML namespace for the metadata using the
'xmlns' attribute (see the XML Namespace recommendation at, put all of your extra information in that namespace,
then access that information from the XML DOM. (You'll need DOM2 in order to
access data based on namespace.)

There are already existing XML grammars for metadata in case these prove
suitable. The W3C has developed RDF (again, see as a
general way of packaging metadata. Another initiative is Topic Maps in XML,
will prove very valuable for many scenarios, but I don't know how far along
that initiative is at this point, and I don't have a URL.

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At 08:46 AM 7/6/00 -0400, Dany Bouchard wrote: 
> What would be the recommended approach to store (ideally directly in a SVG
> document) data about an SVG element ?
> For example an SVG map containing points that represent cities that have
> attribute information such as Name (String), Population (Integer), etc.
> What's the best place for this information to be held in order to make it
> available to the user using javascript interaction ? I am looking for an
> approach that is opened since there could be quite a bit of attribute data
> associated with an element sometimes.
> Are the <title> and <desc> elements are appropriate for this and/or what
> of Marked-up text from other namespaces can be used ? 
> In the second example is section 6.4 (the 'desc' and 'title' element) with
> the xml namespace mydoc, would this info (ex: para) be available through the
> SVG's DOM ?
> Thanks in advance !
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