Re: SVG DOM in AdobeViewer

Adobe will implement the SVG DOM, but I don't know when a release will be
available which has the features you mention. 

The Adobe SVG Viewer does implement most of the core DOM (the XML DOM) from
DOM2, so you can accomplish most everything you need to via scripting,
although potentially with much less convenience and potentially with slower

Jon Ferraiolo

At 12:33 PM 7/6/00 +0200, Bernd Grolig wrote:
>I just looked at the Release Notes of the Adobe Viewer and found that the
>SVG-DOM is widely not yet supported.
>My question: What are the plans of Adobe, to implement these features? It
>would give developers a great advance to build complex animations (more than
>it is possible now). E.g if you had the possibility to get access to the
>style of single pathsegments or just playing around with this wonderful
>features. :)
>Greetings, Bernd Grolig

Received on Thursday, 6 July 2000 12:05:32 UTC