Re: wmf2svg and svgImage

Carmen Delessio wrote:

> This is work in progress. Results so far include a reasonable SVG file
> as well as a decent visual rendering of the same file.
> See for source code and samples.
> test.svg was created using test1.wmf as input to wmf2svg.

There were some errors in that file.

In the doctype, the url said http://www/w3/org instead of and, hence, the document would not validate and indeed
could not be parsed by a parser that fetches external dtd subsets.

Once that was fixed:

<desc> cannot occur at arbitrary places inside <g>. Also, you have
multiple occurences of <desc>.

The content model is 

<!ENTITY % g_elements


so the <defs> element can occur zero or one times and must be the first
child element of <g>.

I attach a corrected and valid version of the test.svg instance.

Apart from these small errors, the rest of it looked fine.


Received on Wednesday, 12 May 1999 10:50:45 UTC