svg spec question:

I have a somewhat obscure question for the SVG spec folks.
One of the things I foresee happening  with the SVG format is it could
be used as a sort of "master document" where you might store all the
graphics, animation, demo info, toolbars, widgets, etc for a interactive
project. It would be really nice if there were "hooks" into SVG that
could give "hints" to other apps that were converting from SVG to say
PDF or Flash, or my wish - HTML.

SVG could become a sort of master document which get's passed around and
used as a place to collect all the interactivity of a website or a

Would it be possible (I dont have a copy of the spec) to have somewhere
in the spec a tag that is sort of a "conversion hints" or a "data
storage" tag where other formatting instructions could be placed. (Note
this would be used for specific purposes and would not be required for
regular lightweight SVG images.)...

For instance what if there was a way to give an authoring tool hints as
to how to convert some animation in an SVG to javascript?
Or how to convert some component into an HTML table?

As I said, this would be for big "master document" SVG's  not regular
ones.  But to have something specifically there in the spec would be



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