how to get svg "native" in Gecko

Just saw an update from - there is now an api for adding
"native" support for various
graphic formats - and SVG would be on the top of my list for us to

Here is a quote:

                              Here's the ImgLib update from Pam Nunn:

                                     You've just designed the best new
image format in the universe, but no one is using it but you?

                                     Add your format to Gecko so that
your fabulous images will display as natively supported image formats.
No embed tag

                                     The XPCOMitized image library
landed Thursday. This first cut of the new design means that adding new
image decoders
                                     supporting inline images will be a

                                     The directory structure under
mozilla/modules/libimg has been modified. A directory for notes and
documentation is in
                                     mozilla/modules/libimg/doc. I am
working on a cookbook for adding new decoders.

                                     A minor caution: These api's will
be fine tuned in the next few weeks. Don't take the current code as the
final gospel. If you
                                     write to this api, be willing to
make some modifications to your component.

If any implementors are interested,

Getting SVG into Gecko seems to me to be a really powerful combination!



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