Re: eta on a plugin?

Andrew Wooldridge wrote:
> I'm an _early adopter_ and I am so keen on getting started doing SVG
> development. Can anyone comment on an ETA for a plugin? I would even
> help beta test it.  Things seem to be taking so terribly long!

We started end of August. Its not that long.

> Yes I know that it's important to do things right but there are already
> implementations of vector tools like flash, and freely available XML
> parsers - is it that hard to plug the two together and get some pre
> alpha plugin?

An SVG to Flash converter would be possible, but I am not sure that
Flash would be an appropriate choice of platform to build SVG on top of.
If anyone is doing that, though, I would be interested to see it.

The Mozilla canvas has a fairly rich capability (such as z-index and
general opacity support) and of course all the XML and CSS support is
already there - I would certainly expect to see something developed for
that platform (and native, not a plug-in).

Java 2D also looks to have a rich set of graphical capabilities, and
there are several Java XML parsers available.  I think there will be
some implementations later based on that platform.

At XML Europe 99, Adobe demonstrated a technology preview which rendered
SVG including transparency support, and dynamic rollovers and so on
based on a DOM. You should ask them about when that technology would
become available.
VG export, and in some cases SVG import too, but no announcements have
been made so far. (This list would be an appropriate forum for such


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