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> Hi,
> Not that I'm a pro or anything, but if an SVG plug in were available to
> older browsers, wouldn't it be helpful in getting it a good user base?

But a MIME type graphic/svg solves the problem, as soon as the next versions
(i.e. Explorer 5.01, Nav 4.51) come out. And it is vendor neutral.

> 77%
> of current internet users apparently have the flash plug in (macromedia's
> people said so in a recent seminar round here), and I think there is
> a lot of competition from others in the race to get standard vector
> on the web.

I wouldn't want to standardize on Cosmo, just on VRML in general. Same goes
for SVG.

> I wouldn't like our beautiful SVG to be a forgotten standard in
> the www scrapyard(like VRML maybe), or even slow to pick up like png...
> Maybe having a plug in wouldn't mean a lack of native support in newer
> browsers?

Plug-ins will emerge IF we don't move quickly to get the final SVG
recommendation approved.

Let me be EMPHATIC about plug-ins: if someone comes to my site to see a
quick map of Spain, I want to send it straight to them, not ask them to
download anything extra, or hope they are one of the lucky 77%. If their
browser can't handle the SVG, then a SMIL <switch> gives them the GIF
version. Simple.

> I'm trying to see the new draft btw, and it's very slow. Is this a w3c
> problem?

For some reason their server is caput at the moment.

> Thanks,

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