Re: svg plug-ins? No!!!

Michael Gould wrote:

> But a MIME type graphic/svg solves the problem, as soon as the next versions
> (i.e. Explorer 5.01, Nav 4.51) come out. And it is vendor neutral.

      |                 |
      |    image/svg    |
      |                 |

if you please. See the public SVG page:

> I wouldn't want to standardize on Cosmo, just on VRML in general. Same goes
> for SVG.

Thank you, that differentiates the difference between plug-ins and
native support very well.

We have seen this problem already with CGM; as soon as you have an open
standard format, rather than a vendor-specific one, then plug-ins just
don't work anymore. Pages that use plug-ins are specific to a particular
implementation; they are pointing to code, rather than pointing to

> Plug-ins will emerge IF we don't move quickly to get the final SVG
> recommendation approved.

Well, getting it approved is a very quick process; maximum six weeks.
Getting it *designed* is what will take us until August.

> Let me be EMPHATIC about plug-ins: if someone comes to my site to see a
> quick map of Spain, I want to send it straight to them, not ask them to
> download anything extra, or hope they are one of the lucky 77%. If their
> browser can't handle the SVG, then a SMIL <switch> gives them the GIF
> version. Simple.

Yes, glad you picked up on the use of Switch in the latest SVG draft.

> > I'm trying to see the new draft btw, and it's very slow. Is this a w3c
> > problem?
> For some reason their server is caput at the moment.

Oh, completely down now? Well, I am travelling, but I tried it (from the
UK, not the bst connected of places in terms of international
networking) and it worked very snappily. So, please hit reload, it seems
to work now.


Received on Wednesday, 14 April 1999 07:42:16 UTC