Re: svg plug-ins? No!!!


Not that I'm a pro or anything, but if an SVG plug in were available to
older browsers, wouldn't it be helpful in getting it a good user base? 77%
of current internet users apparently have the flash plug in (macromedia's
people said so in a recent seminar round here), and I think there is already
a lot of competition from others in the race to get standard vector graphics
on the web. I wouldn't like our beautiful SVG to be a forgotten standard in
the www scrapyard(like VRML maybe), or even slow to pick up like png...
Maybe having a plug in wouldn't mean a lack of native support in newer

I'm trying to see the new draft btw, and it's very slow. Is this a w3c



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Subject: svg plug-ins? No!!!

>Dear Chris and rest of the list:
>An Infoworld article, just out
>talks about multimedia graphics and states the following:
>"This summer, the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format should be
>which will deliver a standard way to deliver interactive Web content using
>rich fonts, better typographic controls, and vector graphics through text
>The format will require an SVG-specific plug-in to be installed and is
>backed by major Web companies, including both Microsoft and Netscape."
>Tell me this isn't so!!! Tell me they just don't get it.
>One of the reasons Antonio ( and I are so gung-ho about
>serving maps as SVG is precisely to remove the plug-in from the picture.
>The goal continues to be native suport (MIME), right?
>Comments (reassuring ones)?
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