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[CSSWG] Virtual F2F 2021-07-27 Part II: CSS Contain 2, CSS Overflow [css-contain] [css-overflow]

From: Dael Jackson <daelcss@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2021 18:10:43 -0400
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CSS Contain 2

  - RESOLVED: Conceptually play (invisibly and muted) any media
              playback for things that are skipped due to
              content-visibility, skipping any events unless queried
              (as for animations) (Issue #6468: Pause media playback in
              iframes hidden by content-visibility:hidden)

CSS Overflow

  - RESOLVED: Adding a note describing the behavior to the css-overflow
              spec (Issue #5733: Should transformation affect the
              scroll direction via touchpads/touchscreens?)
  - The use case in issue #5670 (proposal: scroll-index (priority)) is
      a good one to solve, but the proposed solution didn't seem
      correct. Discussion will continue in the github issue to find a
      better solution.


Agenda: https://github.com/w3c/csswg-drafts/projects/19

CSS Contain 2
  Scribe: fantasai
  Scribe's scribe: TabAtkins

Pause media playback in iframes hidden by content-visibility:hidden
  github: https://github.com/w3c/csswg-drafts/issues/6468

  chrishtr: Web developer raised use case of wanting to automatically
            pause videos, media
  chrishtr: In situation where media happens to be in iframe, page
            can't really access it, because usually cross-origin
  chrishtr: atm can only do that by coordinating with each provider of
  chrishtr: Perhaps platform can make that possible
  chrishtr: Suggestion was content-visibility to control that
  chrishtr: content-visibility is meant as a performance tool, and this
            is about reducing unnecessary use of CPU
  chrishtr: so ...
  chrishtr: so seems that media under content-visibility be
            automatically paused
  chrishtr: Final point is, as I understand, for web-compat a lot of
            sites expect video, especially with audio, when not visible
            for other reasons
  chrishtr: e.g. off screen or detached from the DOM
  chrishtr: But since content-visibility is new, probably not compat

  TabAtkins: I'm surprised at how many things still allow video to play
  TabAtkins: This seems like a good idea
  astearns: I'm not sure I'd look for content-visibility as a way to
            make cross-origin video stop playing
  florian: In that direction not obvious
  florian: but in other direction, would you expect a video with
           content-visibility to play?
  flackr: display:none might have similar effect
  flackr: might also unload frame...
  <TabAtkins> It does unload the frame
  Rossen: Display:none is a big hammer

  emilio: Idea is to also do this for same-origin stuff?
  emilio: ...
  emilio: Is there a ?? on if you remove element from the DOM, then it
          doesn't stop playing, then you add content-visibility and
          then remove from DOM it's paused, that's weird
  emilio: Doesn't pausing media change styles?
  emilio: causes :pause to apply ...
  emilio: maybe not a huge deal if under subtree, but also weird
  emilio: Overall, I think removing video from DOM should pause
  emilio: Seems weird that content-visibility is the only thing that
          does this
  chrishtr: Yes, it would be all media
  chrishtr: Issue says iframes, but would also apply to same-origin
            video within the document
  chrishtr: with regards to relative timing, seems similar to detaching
            video after user presses pause button
  chrishtr: Same thing, rendered as visible under content-visibility
  chrishtr: Third point was about how styling changes when it's paused
  chrishtr: I think yes, those styles would conceptually apply, just
            like all boxes within content-visibility subtree
  chrishtr: but UA is allowed to not render within that, for
            performances reasons
  emilio: Does content-visibility currently change styles under its
  emilio: I guess it pauses animations, which is something
  flackr: It pauses animations in a way that is not very
  flackr: the timer keeps going
  flackr: For this video, could maybe not change state to pause, but
          would not continue playing

  Rossen: Is that how we have it specced?
  Rossen: content-visibility is currently defined as behaving like
          'display: none' on contents
  Rossen: [quotes spec]
  <Rossen> https://drafts.csswg.org/css-contain/#content-visibility
  Rossen: display:none does not exhibit the behavior you just described
          for animations
  flackr: That's a misleading statement, interaction should not
          continue ..
  astearns: That note is about accessibility, but it's not clear what
            that note is hooked to
  <dholbert> https://drafts.csswg.org/css-contain-2/#valdef-content-visibility-hidden
  emilio: But this isn't what the OP filed the issue about
  Rossen: You get to some part of the video, or would you start from
          the beginning?
  astearns: The idea is it will pause, and then resume after visible
  astearns: Detaching would restart the video which is not good

  chrishtr: Pausing video seems simpler to implement
  chrishtr: already way to pause videos in UAs
  <flackr> content-visibility animation pausing was spec'd by
  chrishtr: With regards to styles, can leave styles uncomputed
  emilio: Why not for animations?
  Rossen: display:none will stop animations entirely
  Rossen: but with regards to animations, it's different than what I'm
          hearing about video that's described by ??
  Rossen: In case of animations, supposed to pretend they're running,
          but not actually run and use up CPU
  Rossen: When you return, get to more advanced stage
  Rossen: video ...
  Rossen: saying 2 are the same is not right
  Rossen: If we want this behavior for video or media
  Rossen: differentiate clearly so people would know what to expect
  chrishtr: Leaving video playing but not using CPU to do texture stuff
            is problem, because still have audio
  chrishtr: otherwise UA would have to keep audio stream running, but
            not the video stream
  Rossen: You can pause, and then take them forward, by the delta
  Rossen: as if the video was playing
  fantasai: What Rossen said - if you wanted animations and videos to
            be consistent, you'd need to advance the timer on it even
            when it's not playing
  fantasai: I think it would be good to treat them the same
  astearns: And if you did that, you would *not* set pause on the video
  fantasai: Right
  flackr: Because content-visibility:auto hides things as scrolled out
          of view
  flackr: ...
  flackr: this is why we had this behavior for animations

  emilio: Pausing a video not only changes styles, but also triggers JS
  emilio: Really a problem when style change triggers a bunch of JS
  emilio: ...
  chrishtr: For animations, we did decide that although video is
            conceptually advancing in time, it doesn't fire events
  chrishtr: since that goes against perf goals
  chrishtr: Could potentially just not fire the events
  flackr: Concern was audio, could also conceptually mute the audio
  astearns: That would meet the perf goal, but I wonder
  astearns: I get annoyed when I scroll Twitter just slightly enough,
            but want to keep hearing it
  TabAtkins: I have exactly opposite problem with Youtube videos open
             in a tweet where they *don't* stop playing when I scroll
  chrishtr: Could conceptually allow the video to continue, but mute
            it, and get all the performance advantages
  chrishtr: solve use case of pausing the videos some other way

  florian: Conceptually playing doesn't mean actually playing, can just
           move the timer and not do work
  florian: but for use cases where authors do want to pause
  florian: could send an event
  florian: and then video can react to that state
  florian: same thing could apply to animations, things applying to
           canvas, etc.
  florian: all things trying to be on the same timer
  chrishtr: I think you're referring to an event where you can identify
            when you are skipped?
  chrishtr: Discussed on and off. There are use cases for it, like
            avoiding work in scripts
  chrishtr: A video, for example, inside cross-origin iframe could
            pause when skipped
  chrishtr: Similar use case from gmail, cross-origin iframes, would
            like to be able to stop themselves when they are noticed
            they are skipped
  chrishtr: don't want to poll server to ask for more when not visible

  Rossen: Appears we're drifting off the main task of pausing the video
  Rossen: rather than aligning behavior with scrolling and animations
  Rossen: user request we have as well, people want to pause video when
          scrolling away
  Rossen: At least the current described behavior for
          content-visibility:hidden doesn't quite align with that
  Rossen: so behavior that advances animations and advances stuff, are
          we talking about a different behavior here
  Rossen: A pause-media? could be helpful
  Rossen: Allows two behaviors co-exist
  Rossen: or have users control one or the other
  Rossen: One moved ahead and other paused, etc.
  Rossen: 2 different behaviors, let's discuss them separately
  Rossen: Define what pausing looks like and then figure out how they
          can co-exist
  Rossen: They weren't asking for that
  chrishtr: That's what person was asking for, however ...
  astearns: Fits more with existing behavior of content-visibility, to
            conceptually run it
  astearns: So should do that
  astearns: and then discuss use case of pausing
  chrishtr: Talked to developer
  chrishtr: Didn't want to keep playing video, audio is annoying
  chrishtr: and also didn't want to take up bandwidth
  chrishtr: Easiest way was to kill it off
  chrishtr: I do think that performance and muting things won't solve
            everything but will help

  emilio: Other question is pausing, does it fire events, does it not
          fire events
  emilio: Media has a bunch of crazy things going on

  fantasai: Should we resolve on the timer continuing while it's
            actually paused?
  astearns: Proposed to treat video similar to animations in
            content-visibility, is conceptually muted, will return with
            intervening time skipped
  astearns: Any objections?
  flackr: Don't object, but that's not identical to animations
  flackr: not ticking animations is what user would have seen if
          animation continued to tick
  flackr: but muting audio is a bit different from ...
  flackr: but given that content-visibility is a performance
          optimization I'm not objecting
  Rossen: With this behavior, are there any events?
  chrishtr: No events will fire, it's not observable
  chrishtr: Querying the element might trigger events or something,
            kinda like animations
  Rossen: So observability will be aligned with that of CSS animations
          as well
  chrishtr: Yes
  chrishtr: observability to script same, observability to user a bit
            different because muted

  astearns: Note Twitter right now stops the video when scrolling out
            of view
  dholbert: Twitter version that matched Alan's expectation means they
            can't use content-visibility?
  dholbert: if want to still have audio play while off-screen
  astearns: You just don't use content-visibility in that case
  dholbert: Yes, but Twitter might want to use content-visibility ...
  TabAtkins: The benefits of content-visibility are precisely that the
             browser can stop committing resources to things, rather
             than keeping videos around multiple times
  <Rossen> content-visibility: hidden pause;

  dholbert: I feel like I've heard from our media team that we already
            stop streaming video in background tabs, there's
            optimizations that can be made there
  dholbert: maybe can do that here too

  smfr: Websites like youtube and ??
  smfr: are manipulating through script
  smfr: If no notification to video that it's being paused, will still
        run all that stuff
  smfr: which is a waste
  smfr: Are we resolving for skipped content (also affects
        content-visibility:auto) or only content-visibility:hidden
  chrishtr: Proposal is to apply to all skipped content
  smfr: Are we trying to avoid detectability of when content becomes
        skipped or unskipped?
  chrishtr: The events that determine whether skipped, can also consider
  chrishtr: Raised issue of ? video
  chrishtr: or youtube video automatically pause themselves when they
            notice that they are skipped
  chrishtr: in order to raise the other use case in the discussion

  fantasai: With regards to the idea that muting the audio isn't
            entirely consistent
  fantasai: it kinda is if the audio is part of the visibility of the
  fantasai: which is true in an audio environment
  fantasai: so don't think it's entirely inconsistent
  fantasai: Not sure if this is the mechanism we want to use to allow
            videos to be paused
  fantasai: Might want to do it more explicitly, rather than building
            it into this
  fantasai: because depending on the use-case you might want it to
            still play
  <smfr> +1 for more explicit control. You don’t want Command-F to
         start videos making noise

  florian: The idea is reasonable, especially with event that allows
           you to customize behavior
  florian: maybe can then combine with API to pause an entire subtree
  florian: but comment from smfr got me wondering, if you just think
           about things being skipped or not being off-screen, whole
           thing we discussed is reasonable
  florian: but if things are unskipped
  florian: Suppose you search for word 'play', then they all start
           playing with video
  florian: not a great user experience
  florian: Can no longer be skipped due to things other than being
           off-screen, maybe isn't great
  flackr: If you scrolled something into view, would start playing
  flackr: but because most search results off-screen
  flackr: we'd resolve their style to figure out whether they match the
          search, but they're still off-screen and will continue to be
  chrishtr: Would be able to see the track time, but not playing
  smfr: What if UA makes all content unskipped when finding in
  chrishtr: Spec says that [...]
  chrishtr: it will only become unskipped when scrolled into view
  smfr: per-element granularity?
  chrishtr: Every element that becomes unskipped
  smfr: Confused about the granularity of skipping
  smfr: Suppose container with auto
  smfr: inside it each element becomes skipped or not individually?
  chrishtr: Granularity is content-visibility:auto element
  astearns: This seems to be more generally, could you read through
            spec and open an issue if it's a problem?
  smfr: ok
  <TabAtkins> (There's text in
              with rough guidance about this exact issue.)

  astearns: Back to media playback, any other comments before we try
            for a resolution?
  <Rossen> Behavior of media is similar to that of animations inside

  RESOLVED: Conceptually play (invisibly and muted) any media playback
            for things that are skipped due to content-visibility,
            skipping any events unless queried (as for animations)

  <br duration=10m>

CSS Overflow
  scribe: emilio

Should transformation affect the scroll direction of
  github: https://github.com/w3c/csswg-drafts/issues/5733

  fantasai: The question is what happens to various ways of scrolling
            when you have a transform
  fantasai: On firefox the wheel follows logical directions
  fantasai: while touchpad uses physical directions
  fantasai: Other UAs do different stuff
  fantasai: This is not defined, do we want to specify this?

  TabAtkins: Given the complexity of what transforms can do to an
             element I doubt that we can provide strict rules
  TabAtkins: but guidance sounds good
  <fantasai> +1
  TabAtkins: Flipping an element and scrolling with the trackpad should
             probably scroll visually
  smfr: I'd prefer not defining this strictly, we rely on UIKit and
        doing something different is probably very hard

  florian: If you manipulate a touchscreen there's a clear expectation,
           but mousewheel is different. Should guidance for direct
           manipulation sounds worth it but trackpads are harder
  <chris> yeah users have two, conflicting, ways that touchpads and
          mice should work and each user hates one of them
  Rossen: Seems there's agreement to add guidance, would this go to
  florian: Yeah, we talking about a note?
  Rossen: Yeah
  florian: Fine by me

  RESOLVED: Adding a note describing the behavior to the css-overflow

  github: https://github.com/w3c/csswg-drafts/issues/5670

  florian: Not my issue but I wanted to give it some attention
  florian: The use case is something we see on lots of websites, with a
           top banner that disappears but reappears if you scroll up
  florian: This author is thinking of this in terms of nested scrollers
  florian: where your top banner is in a scroller outside the inner one
  florian: We always prioritize the inner scroller
  florian: but the author was proposing to prioritize the outer
           scroller, and only when that is exhausted scroll the inner
  florian: No strong opinion, there could be some parallels with
  florian: just wanted to bring some attention to the issue

  TabAtkins: I find the use case good to address because lots of sites
             do this badly
  TabAtkins: but I think this approach is not the way to go
  TabAtkins: First, this doesn't do what lots of sites do which is
             having a minified banner
  TabAtkins: Second, it seems very easy to screw up a page if you only
             test on desktop
  TabAtkins: The current behavior is safer for that
  TabAtkins: So I think the problem is good, the solution is bad
  TabAtkins: We probably want another way to do this

  flackr: I was going to point pretty much the same
  flackr: You only want to do this scroll priority inversion for the
          topmost scroller
  flackr: If you have nested ones then scrolling the header is probably
          not what the user intended
  flackr: so it seems a bit of a problematic solution
  <argyle> agree with robert and tab

  Rossen: Sounds like the use case is well recognized, but the proposed
          solution is not
  Rossen: I suggest to go back to the issue to discuss the solution
  florian: So the issue was proposing the solution, you're proposing to
           repurpose it right?
  Rossen: Sure
  florian: Sounds good
  Rossen: Yeah, it seems like we should explore a good solution for
          this problem

Republishing Fonts 4/5
  github: https://github.com/w3c/csswg-drafts/issues/6462

  chris: we discussed this already and have a resolution so I'm puzzled
  astearns: it seems the tag didn't get taken off
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