Re: Is there an upcoming Color Workshop?

TLDR; Yes there is

Hi Daniel,

On 2021-08-12 23:17, Daniel Holbert wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Tantek (CC'd) recently noticed & passed along a W3C questionnaire for 
> a Color Workshop, which seems to be surveying availability for some 
> upcoming color workshop event for various weeks in September 2021:

The W3C Events team actually went with Doodle rather than WBS, because 
of the better timezone integration, so the actual poll if you are 
interested is

It is asking the already-accepted speakers about their availability for 
the live Q&A discussion sessions.

> The questionnaire is apparently open-for-answers until Aug 18th, i.e. 
> open for the next ~week, but unfortunately it doesn't have any info 
> about the event itself aside from the title "Color Workshop Dates and 
> Times".
Right. The people who submitted talk proposals, were accepted, and 
submitted their slides and videos already know about it, is the reasoning.
> Does anyone have any more information about this Color Workshop in 
> september?  Tantek found 
> , but that seems 
> to about a separate event which is already complete or mostly-complete.

That is the one.

The talks are already in place and captioned, plus they have a 
transcript. For a virtual workshop, attendees watch the videos at 
whatever time suits them, and raise discussion items on GitHub. There 
are then live discussion sessions where groups of talks are discussed - 
ideally, with the people who made the presentations able to answer 

So, anyone interested in the workshop, please have a look at the talks
and open issues for discussion items arising.

Chris Lilley
Technical Director @ W3C
W3C Strategy Team, Core Web Design
W3C Architecture & Technology Team, Core Web & Media

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