Re: labels for testing

>That being said, I'm not sure what "Tested" and "Testing unnecessary"
>are meant for.

I'm not the one who added them, but:

* If a closed issue doesn't have a "needs test case", is that because we forgot to add one (and there fore should add one now), or because we already have tests, or don't need them?

* When updating a CR, all changes need tests. If you have the list of all closed issues that lead to changes in the CR, it is nice to know at a glance whether all the required tests have been written
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On April 25, 2019 6:58:09 PM GMT+09:00, "François REMY" <> wrote:
>I personally don't see "testing" work as all that different from "spec
>editing" work; they are both part of the same workflow. There is a
>natural flow from "Needs feedback" > "Needs edits" > "Needs testcases"
>> "Needs test review" which makes it instantly clear where an issue
>stands, and I'm not sure what we would gain from having these tags not
>sorted right next to each other in the list and all searchable with
>only one keyword (when we remove one of these tags, we usually add the
>next one in the flow, so it makes sense to keep them tightly grouped)
>That being said, I'm not sure what "Tested" and "Testing unnecessary"
>are meant for. Are there many issues tagged with them? If not, should
>we drop these two tags?
>From: Florian Rivoal <>
>Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2019 9:27 AM
>To: www-style list
>Subject: labels for testing
>Hi all,
>We now have 4 labels that relate to testing on the issues in
>csswg-drafts, but they're not grouped together (where grouping is done
>by coloring and alphabetical order):
>As part of the "needs edits", "needs figures", "needs feedback", we
>* Needs testcases (WPT)
>* Needs review of Test Case(s)
>Separately, we also have:
>* Tested
>* Testing Unnecessary
>Since the "Needs..." series is mostly about the spec itself, I suggest
>renaming the first two labels to group them with the last two:
>"Needs testcases (WPT)" -> "Tests needed"
>"Needs review of Test Case(s)" -> "Tests in progress, need work"
>As for the color, do we want all for under a single color, or do we
>want to use some color contrast between the two states that indicate
>that nothing needs to be done and the two that indicates that something
>needs to be done?

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