Re: labels for testing

I personally don't see "testing" work as all that different from "spec editing" work; they are both part of the same workflow. There is a natural flow from "Needs feedback" > "Needs edits" > "Needs testcases" > "Needs test review" which makes it instantly clear where an issue stands, and I'm not sure what we would gain from having these tags not sorted right next to each other in the list and all searchable with only one keyword (when we remove one of these tags, we usually add the next one in the flow, so it makes sense to keep them tightly grouped)

That being said, I'm not sure what "Tested" and "Testing unnecessary" are meant for. Are there many issues tagged with them? If not, should we drop these two tags?
From: Florian Rivoal <>
Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2019 9:27 AM
To: www-style list
Subject: labels for testing

Hi all,

We now have 4 labels that relate to testing on the issues in csswg-drafts, but they're not grouped together (where grouping is done by coloring and alphabetical order):

As part of the "needs edits", "needs figures", "needs feedback", we have:
* Needs testcases (WPT)
* Needs review of Test Case(s)

Separately, we also have:
* Tested
* Testing Unnecessary

Since the "Needs..." series is mostly about the spec itself, I suggest renaming the first two labels to group them with the last two:

"Needs testcases (WPT)" -> "Tests needed"
"Needs review of Test Case(s)" -> "Tests in progress, need work"

As for the color, do we want all for under a single color, or do we want to use some color contrast between the two states that indicate that nothing needs to be done and the two that indicates that something needs to be done?


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