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Agenda+ Review/publication of margin-trim fantasai (Friday, 26 October)

[css-values] possible circular dependency of lh unit GĂ©rard Talbot (Wednesday, 24 October)

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2018-10-17 [css-paged-media-3] [css-ui] [css-grid] [css-align] [selectors-4] [css-multicol] [css-shadow-parts] [css-inline] Dael Jackson (Wednesday, 17 October)

[csswg] Agenda conf call 17-Oct-2018 Alan Stearns (Wednesday, 17 October)

[CSSWG][FXTF] CSS-wide Propdef Table Changes, Updated WDs of [css-values-4][web-animations-1][css-transitions-1][css-animations-1] fantasai (Friday, 12 October)

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2018-10-10 [css-flexbox] [css-break] [css-contain] [css-transitions] [css-animations] [web-animations] [css-values] [css-text-4] [snapshot] Dael Jackson (Wednesday, 10 October)

[csswg] Agenda conf call 10-Oct-2018 Rossen Atanassov (Wednesday, 10 October)

[CSSWG][css-timing-1][css-easing-1] Last Call on CSS Easing Functions L1 fantasai (Tuesday, 9 October)

Agenda+ [css-transitions-1][css-animations-1][web-animations-1] Request to publish updated WDs Brian Birtles (Tuesday, 9 October)

[csswg] Agenda conf call 3/4-Oct-2018 (APAC-time) Alan Stearns (Wednesday, 3 October)

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