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Re: Two proposals: 1. Implement a new pseudo-class selector ::between, 2. Allow pseudo-class selectors to be recursive

From: Daniel Tan <lists@novalistic.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2018 01:47:45 +0800
To: zjz@zjz.name
Cc: www-style@w3.org
Message-ID: <87015e44-54fd-537d-12d3-84b8da9e874c@novalistic.com>
[Resending as I forgot to cc www-style]
On 3/6/2018 12:40 PM, zjz@zjz.name wrote:
> Unlike ::before and ::after which require |content|, the |content|
> property is disregarded in ::between.

So what determines whether or not a ::between is generated when no 
::between rule is specified? Does its display property special-case 
default to contents (note that its initial value is inline), effectively 
making the display property a "required" property to change, as well as 
making every element have a ::between pseudo-element (albeit one that 
doesn't generate its own box by default)?

> We can only avoid one such layer by using ::between, since a
> pesudo-element selector is not premitted to be recursively applied to
> another pesudo element by the current standard, so I propose to allow
> ::before, ::after and ::between selectors to be recursive. So we can use
> ::between::between to avoid both the two non-semantical layers, and
> actually, any amout of such layers. And also, we can use
> ::before::before, ::after::after, ::between::before, ::before::between,
> etc.
> With ::between and recursive ::before, ::after and ::between, we are
> able to wipe out almost all kinds of non-semantical code in HTML code,
> and finally make it history.
> Thank you for your time of reading, and I am looking forward to hearing
> opinions from you on on my proposals.
> Zhang Junzhi

Nesting/multiple ::before and ::after pseudo-elements was explored in 
the old css3-content draft, but not for very long, and it was never 
revisited in over a decade.
Daniel Tan
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