Re: [css-writing-modes] Compatible proposal for a merge of direction and writing-mode

On Mon, 15 Jan 2018 14:14:57 -0800
fantasai <> wrote:

> The reason for this is that the 'direction' property is not really a
> property of the document style, but of the document content. Authors
> are strongly discouraged, as it says in the specification, from using
> the 'direction' property and are encouraged to use the 'dir' attribute
> in HTML. The raw text of the document will not display correctly in
> UAs that don't support CSS, for example, if the 'dir' attribute is
> not set correctly in the HTML.
> The block flow direction, which 'writing-mode' sets, however, is a
> stylistic choice. The author will choose whether to set it based on
> the desired layout of the page. It belongs in CSS.

Don't get the point! You made settings illogic only because you did not
want to place the red warning down to the property writing-mode? That's
all that is neccessary. And, what did you gain? You now have a lonely
property nobody shall use because of that red warning! What a strategy!
Merge back both properties, put the warning for HTML-writers to that
one property and let people set both 'dir' and 'writing mode' because
this is not a burden and will be the common tip in all blogs out there!

You think very strange here at W3C - very strange!

Dennis Heuer

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