[css-fonts] Spec REC-ing

The overview page for CSS3 Fonts low-level equivalence tests being 
staged for WPT has been updated to account for new tests made since the 
Tokyo f2f.

Executive summary:
- 6.2 Language-specific display is hard to test. I made one test, but it 
is hard to make it a reftest. Everyone passes though :)
- 6.3 Kerning looks good but needs some work from implementations which 
fail to enable the vkrn feature to kern vertical text.
- 7.1 Default features should be less prescriptive. The default features 
should be left UA-dependent and authors should be encouraged to use 
other property values (like font-kerning: normal) to enforce consistency
- 8 Object Model has a PR from Simon to move parts to CSS4 Fonts

In detail:
- 5 tests for font-kerning, plus refs
- 8 more tests for font-variant-numeric, plus refs
- 17 tests marked as also testing font-feature-settings
- 1 test for font-language-override, plus ref
- 1 test for language-specific display, but no ref
- discussed test submission with Goeffrey.

Next steps:
- PR on WPT for each section, Myles will review
- tests for 7.1 Feature precedence

Chris Lilley
Technical Director @ W3C
W3C Strategy Team, Core Web Design
W3C Architecture & Technology Team, Core Web & Media

Received on Wednesday, 10 May 2017 15:10:45 UTC