Re: [css-values][css-transforms][css-motion][css-background] Updated <position>

> On Mar 15, 2017, at 12:58 PM, fantasai <> wrote:
> Tab and I just pushed the changes to drop the 3-value syntax from <position> per
> The canonical reference is now (again) in CSS Values and Units 3.
> This implies changes to object-position, mask-position, radial gradients,
> and offset-position. It also makes <position> available for use in
> transform-origin and perspective-origin.
> (Note, if implementers want us to also drop from background-position, I'm sure the
> CSSWG could consider that as well if presented with compelling Web-compat data
> indicating no problems... but we've otherwise special-cased background-position as
> superset syntax that includes the 3-value clauses.)
> We would like to request
> A. Review of the altered syntax definition.
> and subject to approval of A,
> B. Republication of css-values-3.
> C. Republication of css-backgrounds-3.
> D. Republication of motion-1 (which is soooooo overdue for publication).
> vs
> E. Pending Transform edits and state of general coherence, republication of Transforms.

I have reviewed the new syntax and it looks reasonable as the basis for transform-origin, and in perspective-origin.


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