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You can read about profiles in the selectors draft..

Basically, selectors are not only used in CSS. In the DOM for example,
querySelector, querySelectorAll and matches all use selectors. Those are
static, one time evaluations on demand. In CSS, rules are applied and
unapplied automatically based on selectors, even during parse.  The latter
is significant more taxing and hard to keep efficient so, something like
:has is easy to implement in the one case, so far seemingly impossible in
the other.

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> On 29/07/2017 15:04, Florian Rivoal wrote:
> Right, except that :has() is excluded from the dynamic profile (i.e. selectors you can use in regular CSS).
> Please forgive my naivety, but can you explain (a) the meaning of "the
> dynamic profile", and (b) the meaning of "regular CSS" ?  Although I do not
> know the exact meaning of either, the terminology used would suggest to me
> that "the dynamic profile" is something other than "regular CSS" (if  by
> "regular" you mean "ordinary" rather than "at predictable intervals", that
> is).
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