RE: [css-tables] Dropping repeated headers/footers when one content row doesn't fit

> I'm reading it to say that as long as repeating the header and footer leaves room for at least part of a tbody row in the fragmentainer then they can both remain. If it doesn't, but dropping the repeated footer allows room for at least part of a tbody row, then drop the repeated footer but keep the repeated header.

Correct that is what browsers seems to do today.

> I had expected you to say that where a tbody row can't fit in full in a fragmentainer that both header and footer should be dropped from that fragmentainer so I just want to be sure I'm not misreading your proposal!

I thought it was what browsers were doing so that is what I initially intended, but matching current implementations when they agree on a result is what we want, not to define a new behavior, so I would like to clarify that to mention any part of a row and not necessarily a row in full.

Received on Friday, 6 January 2017 20:18:58 UTC