[css-grid] Agenda+ Summary of Open Issues

I just finished compiling the Grid DoC:
There's a bunch of editorial work for me and Tab, but also...

Issues for the CSSWG to discuss:


   Currently, in case of a conflict where the min is greater than the max,
   the min wins in minmax(). This is consistent with how min/max-width work.
   The poster wants to invert the condition for his use case.

   Propose to reject for consistency, but the use case is valid and we need
   to find a solution for it.


   It's not defined whether fr units can combine with lengths in calc().
   I'm assuming we want to allow that, but need to check with implementers.


   Follow-up to the decision on auto sizing of images in fixed-size grid areas:
   is 'normal' equal to 'start' for replaced elements without an aspect ratio?
   what about non-replaced elements with an aspect ratio?
   what about replaced items with an intrinsic size in only one dimension?


   Request to defer subgrid on the expectation that there will be significant
   issues found during implementation.

   Since nothing has been reported yet and it is marked at-risk, I'm rather
   inclined to leave it where it is.


Received on Wednesday, 1 February 2017 07:50:56 UTC