Re: [mediaqueries] MathML

On Tue, 2016-10-04 at 18:47 +0000, Bill Kasdorf wrote:
> [...] people are viewing MathML, and the potential for using MQs in
> EPUBs, simply as a display/rendering issue.

I think that this is a majority view for Web and HTML people - even
though it's not a view shared e.g. by most XML people, who tend to be
interested in reuse. EPUB straddles the boundary here.

It might be the case that a standardized, reversible MathML <-> SVG
mapping could go a long way, although there are a number of limitations
with the SVG approaches I've seen so far, including breaking equations
over long lines, aligning the dominant equation baseline correctly,
vertical alignment of = signs of a series of equations, correct
placement of equation numbers at or in the margin. But there are
limitations with MathML in practice too (such as it not working at all
in a browser or reader). And there are other use cases for breaking SVG
diagrams across lines (e.g. Manga, or making accessible infographics)
and for margin alignment, so maybe there's more promise in what Robin
called I think the pretty squiggles than it might seem at first.


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